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It all started in 2009 when Neville Warner placed an advertisement in the Tamborine Times inviting men to a public meeting for the purpose of gauging interest in forming a Men's Shed on the mountain.

Our History

2009 The First Public Meeting

At the meeting which was held on Thursday, 19th November 2009 at the Vonda Youngman Centre, Neville explained that Men’s Sheds are non-denominational, non-profit organisations which provide a fully equipped workshop where skilled and unskilled men can meet to share time with each other, swap yarns and work together on community projects.  Men divide their time three ways: one-third for personal use of the workshop facilities; one-third for community projects and one-third in fundraising activities to ensure the financial survival of the group.

Neville offered to co-ordinate this project and outlined his qualifications. He said he was committed to this venture and it arose out of his desire to serve God, his local community and care for his fellow man.

Neville’s proposal was warmly received and it was agreed to meet in early 2010 to establish a Men’s Shed for the Mountain.

2010 The Establishment Meeting

On Wednesday 20th January 2010, eleven men – Chris Abrey, Brian Bates, Clive Campion, Peter Anderson, David Warrington, Eric Woodward, Jack Kiewiet, Sam Percasky, Wayne Hinze, Tim Erby, and Neville Warner met at the Vonda Youngman Centre and resolved to establish a Community Men’s Shed on Tamborine Mountain.

Neville Warner, who called the meeting, was elected as the Men’s Shed Co-ordinator / Treasurer and Chris Abrey, Sam Percasky and Brian Bates were appointed as the Steering Committee to progress this venture.

From left: Brian Bates; Sam Percasky; Neville Warner and Chris Abrey

On 5th February 2010, a formal application was sent to the National Men’s Shed organisation advising the establishment of the Tamborine Mountain Community Men’s Shed Association Inc. with an initial membership of thirteen men.

2010 The First Workshops (in members’ sheds!)

In the absence of a Shed, members generously volunteered to host workshop meetings in their own sheds.

Neville Warner, Clive Campion, Daryl Furness, Peter Anderson and Eric Woodward.

‎On 19 ‎June ‎2010 Neville hosted the first workshop in his shed (as above) where he demonstrated the art of copper enamelling to the members.
Later in 2010 David Law also held a workshop in his shed where he demonstrated open hearth blacksmithing.

2011 to 2013 Temporary Men’s Shed Workshops at Tamborine Mountain High School

With growing membership a fully equipped workshop was needed to enable the men to develop their skills and make toys for local children. The Principal of Tamborine Mountain State High School, Ms Tracey Brose generously agreed to allow the Men’s Shed access to the School Manual Arts Block after school hours. From 2011 to 2013 this was a valuable resource and many hours were spent productively in this workshop.

2013 The Official Opening 

The Grand Opening of the Tamborine Mountain Community Men’s Shed – named the Marie and Lee Booth Centre (after the founding donors) was held on Saturday 2 November 2013.

The Centre was opened by Marie and Lee Booth. Many members and guests attending the opening, enjoyed a memorable day.
Highlights of the Program were:
Master of Ceremonies …………….….. Chris Abrey

Welcome to special guests ……….……… Bill Nason

The Shed Song ……………………Laurence Manitzky

Introduction to the President………….Chris Abrey

President’s Address …………….…….Neville Warner

Introduction to the Shed Patrons…Neville Warner

Patron’s Address ……………………….…….Lee Booth

Blessing of the Shed …………..… Pastor Paul Harris

Official Opening of the Shed ……….….. Lee Booth

2014 Fitting Out the Office Shed

In March 2014 preparations were made to fit out the social shed. The shed was lined with Gyprock and finally painted. Tiling for the floor was purchased and laid during May. A small kitchen, new refrigerator, furnishings and security screens were purchased, and the project was completed in June.

Final council approval for the sheds’ completion was received in August 2014.

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